Chaosgroup - 10 Years V-ray

Chaosgroup - 10 Years V-ray

Thanks for the Kind Words!

We're thankful for the support the V-Ray community has shown us over the years. We couldn't have done it without your help and support!

Paul Oblomov

CG Artist

"Just think! 10 years of continuous evolution! 10 years of truly hard work! Dozens of advanced instruments, make it possible to create whatever you desire. You just work while technology, implemented by talented and hard-working guys at Chaos Group quietly working alongside. Keep it up!"
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Kevin Margo

CG Supervisor
Blur Studio, USA

"V-Ray is a supremely brilliant rendering engine with mind bending approaches to visualizing 3 dimensional form that encourages philosophic ontological discussions about the nature and observation of reality itself."
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Robert Nederhorst

VFX Supervisor

"V-Ray is an amazing product and even better, it's backed by a VERY solid group of people for support. This is both in development as well as sales. Everyone I have dealt with at Chaos is a driven individual who is focused on the best technology for the job and creating that technology if it's not available. Their render engine keeps on blazing trails and is second to none. Cheers to V-Ray and Chaos Group."
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Scott Metzger

CG Supervisor

"V-Ray is reinventing the way CG is done, allowing artists to deliver photo-real images in smaller teams with faster workflows. V-Ray is really making an impact on the VFX industry."
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Dmitry Vinnik

CG Supervisor
Silhouette Images

"When I first worked with V-Ray back in 2002, I was really struck down but how simple yet efficient V-Ray was. I could not believe the speed, quality and ease of setup in comparison to other renderers of that time. Since then V-Ray has become a number one choice for me in production as well as personal work."
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Alex Huguet

Senior 3D Artist
The Mill

"I've loved V-Ray ever since the beginning, and I think it is the only software I've used that has never disappointed me and it has always performed perfectly. It is the best renderer I've used, and I always recommend it to everyone I have the chance to."

Chris Christodoulou

CEO/ Managing Director
Saddington Baynes

"We've experimented with several renderers over the years and each one does different things; but we've found that V-Ray has really been helping us on the more complex projects we've had recently which involve high-resolution, high-volume imagery that needs complete photographic reality, and that's very important for us."

Stéphane Montel

VFX/CG supervisor
Akama Studio

"In an industry where clients demand ever more beautiful images ever faster, V-Ray is an indispensable partner. We must not forget that V-Ray is also a large community of users who bring their experience, resources and assistance. This is a significant advantage, Chaos Group understands and draws in the community to improve its software. Each new version of V-Ray brings lots of innovation that is a response to user requests. This keeps the V-Ray technology the best"

Alex Roman

CG Artist

"Since starting in the CG world – fifteen years ago now – I always dreamt about the day I could easily reproduce accurate, advanced materials and global illumination in a flexible, fast production environment, so that I could focus on what matters as an artist. My dream came true when I discovered V-Ray!"

Ruslan Ogorodnik

CG Supervisor
The Chimney Pot

"Considering the pace of V-Ray development, I am sure that this product is confidently winning the market. Many people use it as the de facto standard in architectural visualization, and it is sweeping the multimedia and video entertainment markets."

Glen Taylor

Managing Director
Taylor James

"V-Ray works best for Taylor James and we’ve used it for many years, with no other software coming close. It not only gives us great flexibility when controlling the rendering, but we can also rely on its speed and quality."