Chaosgroup - 10 Years V-ray

Chaosgroup - 10 Years V-ray

How Did it All Get Started?

Did you know V-Ray originally started as Atmos Blender? Look back with us as we reflect on how V-Ray began and remember some of the milestones along the way.
In 1997 Chaos Group begins as a 3D design and animation studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. For one of their early projects, the team needs to render atmospheric effects, but a proper plug-in is not readily available. They decide to program one, and a few years later Atmos Blender was born!

Needing a way to cast realistic shadows with Atmos Blender, they start to write their own ray tracing solution. Impressed by its speed, Peter and Vlado realize this is a tool other artists and designers might be interested in, and the development of V-Ray officially begins! In late 2001, Peter and Vlado release the first public beta of V-Ray.
On March 13, 2002 Chaos Group releases the first official version of V-Ray for 3ds Max. The response is overwhelming as artists introduce fast global illumination and ray tracing into their workflow.

Keeping a close connection with users on the forums, the V-Ray feature set continues to grow and evolve, adding unique tools for geometry, materials, lighting, and more.
In 2006 Chaos Group shows V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max at Siggraph Boston. The new version builds on the existing foundation of the V-Ray rendering engine, extends its capabilities, and adds many new features.
In June 2009 Chaos Group looks to redefine how artists and designers interact with their scenes, releasing the innovative, interactive renderer - V-Ray RT. V-Ray RT allows artists to iterate quickly, and using the computing power of the GPU results in a 20X speed increase.

At Siggraph 2009, Chaos Group announces the much-anticipated V-Ray for Maya, and internationally renowned VFX and Film studios begin to introduce V-Ray into their rendering pipelines.
Looking to deliver an efficient plug-in for simulating fire, smoke, and liquids, Chaos Group releases their grid-based fluid dynamics simulator - Phoenix FD.

At the end of 2010, V-Ray 2.0 is launched, including numerous enhancements and feature requests. Chaos Group begins the V-Ray 2.0 World Tour, visiting customers in more than 10 countries.

By 2010, the V-Ray community grows to include over 20,000 artists and designers from around the world!
In 2011, Chaos Group establishes its first US office, acquiring ASGVIS and consolidating the development of V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for SketchUp.
In early 2012, Chaos Group releases V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino and V-Ray for Softimage.

In April 2012, Chaos Group opens its first office in Japan. At that time, the company also relocates to a new HQ office in Sofia, Bulgaria and welcomes its 100th employee!